Frequently Asked Questions

Wildlife Search

We use air conditioned, RV-style buses with large windows. These buses hold maximum 24 passengers however we only sell to a maximum of 21 passengers to allow the extra room for guests to move around during stops.
Our wildlife guides are in constant communication about wildlife movements and patterns within Jasper National Park and will choose their route each day accordingly. Typically they will choose a mixture of main highways and smaller local roads. The tour travels on registered paved roads and does not travel off-road. As the guide will be doing their best to maximize your chance to find a variety of wildlife, they may aim to cover a wider area and reach a number of specific spots where different animals have been frequenting. Other times, the area they cover may be smaller. This is always dependant on the observed animal movement patterns at that time. 
In the summer season, elk, deer, big horn sheep, bears and bald eagles are the most common animals to be sighted, while occasionally, you may also spot moose, mountain goats or coyotes. In the winter season, we often spot elk, big horn sheep, coyotes and occasionally moose or wolves.  With the animals being wild, we can never make guarantees as to what you’ll find on each tour however having this flexibility of route, along with the local knowledge of the guide, increases your chances of encounters. You’ll also have the chance to learn interesting facts about the animals, their behaviours and habitats as your guide provides commentary and answers your questions along the way.
It is primarily a vehicle-based tour but there may also be some opportunities to get off the bus for closer viewing and occasionally a short walk (at the guide's discretion). 
Typically the animals tend to be most active in both the early morning and evening so there isn't any real difference between the two times. Generally we would suggest choosing the time that matches best with your schedule. While with wild animals the sightings do vary from day to day, going with a local guide at their most active time of day increases your chances for encounters. 
These tours are typically geared more towards adults providing educational commentary along the way, however you are welcome to bring babies with you if you wish. Children 0-4 years are free but must be mentioned when making the booking as each child is required to be allocated a seat on the bus. If bringing an infant, we also suggest bringing baby carrier for them to sit in on the bus. All our buses are fitted with seat belts which you could strap over the carrier.