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Jasper National Park Wildlife Tours

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Child Ages 5-15 | Must be accompanied by an Adult

Observe Bears, Moose & More in Jasper National Park

Experience the best of wildlife viewing in Jasper National Park in the early morning or evening with our expertly-guided, vehicle-based tour. In the golden hours after sunrise or before sunset, the animals in Jasper National Park become more active, and this tour offers the best opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat.

Throughout the season we search for different species based on seasonal vegetation, weather and mating patterns. Some of the more common animals we find are elk, deer, bighorn sheep, bears, and bald eagles — occasionally moose, mountain goats or coyotes are also encountered.

As you meander slowly down the valley in our comfortable minibus, you’ll gaze out large windows at stunning views of the mountains and surrounding wilderness, providing ample opportunity to capture your memories through photographs.

Your local guide uses their expertise to select the route based on seasonal wildlife movements, increasing your chances of encounters. Along the way, you’ll learn valuable insights into the challenges of managing and protecting wildlife within the national park. Our guide is eager to answer your questions as they passionately share the magic of Jasper’s wild side, bringing the stories of the animals to life.

Jasper National Park is a wild and natural environment and every day is unique. Sightings are frequent but not guaranteed. We succeed in spotting wildlife on 95% of our tours.

Pick-Up Information

Complimentary pick-up is available from selected accommodations within the Jasper Area. If your hotel is not listed below, please choose the central meeting location.

Please refer to this list of accommodations which outlines the locations available for pick-up and their relevant pick-up times.