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Tread Lightly Glacier Hike

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CA$ 175

Eco-Friendly Glacier Exploration at Athabasca Glacier

Explore the untamed beauty of the glacier-sculpted landscape with this immersive Glacier hiking tour. Led by expert guides, you’ll traverse between 4 to 6 kilometres, ascending approximately 150 meters from the starting elevation of 1900 meters.

From the Rockaboo Trailer staging area at the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre’s lower parking lot, your journey begins with an informative briefing, setting you up for a half-day filled with scientific exploration and awe-inspiring vistas. Equipped with state-of-the-art gear including mountain boots and crampons, tailored to ensure safety and comfort, you’ll traverse the rugged terrain with confidence.

As you ascend to the glacier’s toe, your guide unveils the secrets of the alpine landscape, from its ancient formations to its dynamic processes. Step onto the glacier itself, where every crevasse tells a story of its own.

Delve deeper into the icy realm as your guide points out the myriad of crevasses, millwells, and intricate drainage channels. If conditions allow, you may have the opportunity to help collect scientific samples or descend into impressive glacial features using ropes, enhancing your connection with this pristine environment.

Purposefully designed as a small group tour, capped at a maximum of 10 participants, this trip ensures a unique and authentic experience focused on sustainability and ecological stewardship.

By delving into the heart of the glacier’s intricate features, you’ll transcend mere adventure fostering a deeper connection with nature.

Book your adventure today and unlock the secrets of the glacier!

What’s Provided: Mountain boots, crampons, hiking poles, sunglasses, all technical equipment used to explore glacier features such as crevasses.

What to Bring: Bring good rain protection and warm insulating clothing suitable for 10˚C lower than the forecasted temperature. You will be hiking through an upper elevation alpine area, being prepared with appropriate clothing is important. We also recommend bringing lunch with you.